What To Do With Wine Corks?

Ideas For What To Do With Wine Corks Do you have a craft worthy amount of  wine corks?  If you’re wondering what to do with wine corks, you’re in the perfect judgement free zone!  Easy DIY wine cork projects will solve all of your too many wine corks problem without having to toss them. Whether […]

Easy Kitchen Updates Without Construction

Restyle Junkie Rachel Elise Trimble Sharing Budget-Friendly Ktichen Updates on Your Life Arizona on TV3s AZFamily

Easy Kitchen Updates Without Major Construction The idea of updating our kitchens can make us think of  mess and expense of tearing everything out and starting over!  However,  I’m her to share with you some really easy updates without construction.  If you want to turn your current blah kitchen into a space with more personality, […]

Instantly Age Wood With Items Around The House

Instantly Aged Pine Wood

Did you know that you can instantly age wood by creating a stain with items from around the house? All you’ll need is some 0000 steel wool, apple cider or white vine gar and a brush.  Glass jars and a paper towel or two are also helpful to create the stain that will instantly age […]

How to Teach A DIY Class

Restyle Junkie Rachel Elise Trimble teaching cabinet refinishing to a full house at the Maricopa Home Show

Sharing Your DIY Expertise Ready to learn how to teach a DIY class? Are you a rock star DIY’er and want to figure out how to make money off your skills without reinventing the wheel by teaching a fun DIY class? I bet you’re an expert at something that you enjoy and people are always […]

DIY Guide To Creative Business from Restyle Junkie

Getting Started: A DIY Guide to Creative Business How did I pick business name?  Where did I get my logo created?  Did I make my own website? How did I know what licenses I needed to start my cabinet refinishing business? Ultimately, within 15 minutes at a party, this is what I hear!  Because I paint […]

DIY Leather and Vinyl Stain

Leather and Vinyl Refinishing Before and After done with Rub N Restore

DIY Leather and Vinyl Stain Whether your genuine leather furniture is just very tired or is simply the wrong color, it’s easy enough to change.  I promise, changing the color of your leather is an easy DIY project simple enough for anyone to take on. The steps are to first clean your leather with denatured […]

How Many Coats of Antique Walnut General Finishes Gel Stain Do You Need?

This isn’t necessarily a full version of a General Finishes gel stain tutorial, but we’re going to answer one of our most frequent questions about one of our most popular gel stains: How many coats do you need to apply of General Finishes Antique Walnut gel stain? The “too long, didn’t read” version: 2.5 coats, when […]

Coverage for Each Size of General Finishes Milk Paint

General Finishes Milk Paint Coverage by Can Size When buying paint for any project, we all want to get it right the first time. Buy too little and then you’ve got to drop everything and head back out to buy more. Buy too much and you spent extra money there that could have gone to […]

Making New Wood Look Really Old

I love a challenge, and one of my favorite creative projects is making brand new wood look old and rustic. Yes, you can buy distressed wood, and there are a lot of reasons to do so (I love real distressed wood, too). But sometimes, it makes more sense to achieve the look of distressed wood […]

Common Mistakes DIY Painters Make

Avoiding Common DIY Cabinet Painting Mistakes? Ready to paint your own cabinets, but want to make to sure to skip the most common mistakes that DIY cabinet painters often make? Good!  You’re in the right spot.  Have you ever worked diligently on a do-it-yourself project, only to be disappointed by the paint job in the […]