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How To Teach A Profitable Kick-Butt DIY Class

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“I loved the content, I believe it is very informative to assist anyone wanting to begin teaching.

[The] Cost of $19.97 is very reasonable & worth the investment. Anyone could make that back with the first class. Having examples of costs associated with each class is so helpful. You know your costs to begin & can see ROI 2nd, 3rd & 4th classes.

For me the most important thing from content is setting the price of a class. I currently teach textile classes, it’s very easy to forget small items that can add up & not get included in cost. At the end of the day I may have spent more than I considered thus not charging enough for the class. 

I plan to incorporate this guide going forward with any class I teach.
Thank you Rachel for a great product & your knowledge.”

Sheila Burks, the owner of Pheona’s in Missouri and a textile DIY instructor