Instantly Aged Pine Wood
Instantly Age Wood

Did you know that you can instantly age wood by creating a stain with items from around the house?
All you’ll need is some 0000 steel wool, apple cider or white vine
gar and a brush.  Glass jars and a paper towel or two are also helpful to create the stain that will instantly age wood.
It’s 100% true.  You too can instantly age wood with simple items from around the house.  Conveniently, is not only easy to make the stain, it’s even easier to apply!  No special skills necessary to instantly age wood. Pinky swear, you can do it too!
Watch this video segment of me on Your Life Arizona to see exactly how to create an aging wood stain with a few simple supplies.

Don’t forget, the amount of time your mixture is left to stew directly impacts how dark the stain will be.  The stain reacts with the tannins in wood to create different natural aging colors.  Different species equals different results.
You should always test your stain first and wait 24 hours to see the full results of the stain color.  The less time you wait, the lighter the color will be, which may be perfect for you!  If it ends up being to dark for you, the wood stain can be diluted with more vinegar.  Most importantly, apply stain liberally with a brush and have fun instantly aging wood.
Instantly Aged Pine Wood

If you have any questions about this project, be sure to leave a comment or send me a message and I’ll do my best to answer it.
Rachel Elise Trimble
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