Restyle Junkie Rachel Elise Trimble teaching cabinet refinishing to a full house at the Maricopa Home Show

Sharing Your DIY Expertise

Ready to learn how to teach a DIY class? Are you a rock star DIY’er and want to figure out how to make money off your skills without reinventing the wheel by teaching a fun DIY class?

I bet you’re an expert at something that you enjoy and people are always asking how you do it.  It sounds like a good idea to hold a DIY class, maybe even a DIY cabinet painting class, but you aren’t sure how to organize the whole deal from stat to finish so it all just feels like an overwhelming dream.

Taking the Guesswork Out of How to Teach a Creative DIY Class

Easy ButtonIf there was literally an easy button in front of you, would you push it?  Realistically,  you could consider learning to teach others how to paint cabinets in your area or how to teach a creative DIY class like wreath making, knitting, sign making, woodworking or any type of crafting.  If only you could get your hands on everything you needed to get started to teach a DIY class! A guide that takes you exactly through the process of how to teach a fun DIY Cabinet Painting or other DIY topics is now as easy as hitting a easy button.


Why Teach A DIY Class?

If you’re interested in making at least $500 in 2.5 hours How to Teach a Kick Butt DIY Class
and make money is probably the best investment you’ll make for less than $20.  Enough said.

Class Photos

Here’s some of what’s inside my tried and true guide:

  • Things to Consider Beforehand
    • Getting ready to make some moolah
    • Writing the class syllabus is easier than you think
    • Where to hold the class
  • Setting a Price
    • The math behind setting a price and exactly what you need to consider
    • Learning How to minimize costs
  • Getting People to Sign Up
    • Making your flyer
    • Easy way to sell tickets
  • Setting Up Your Class the Day of the Event
    • Organizing work spaces
    • Snacks of course!
  • During Your Class
    • Staying on schedule
    • Preparing for next time

So if you’re thinking about how to teach a DIY class to earn some cash, you’re in the right place.  You can take all of the guesswork out of figuring how to teach a class and get on your way to successfully earning money from teaching an engaging DIY class. 

You’re in luck if your niche is wanting to teach how to paint cabinets to other DIY’ers. Why, you?  Because I share my exact class syllabus on how to paint cabinets as an example of how to write a DIY class syllabus.  It’s all yours because sometimes sharing really is the best way to show you care.

Grab the Kick Butt Guide to Teaching a Kick Butt DIY Class and Make Money, by clicking here.

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