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10 Secrets Every DIY Cabinet Painter Needs To Know

Have you ever wondered how do professionals get cabinets exactly the same every single time? Well, I’m ready to let you in on the secret… with the 10 Secrets Every DIY Cabinet Painter Needs To Know

5 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Cabinet Painting Contractor

When searching for a cabinet-painting service for your kitchen or bathroom, you’ll probably want to get two or three quotes from different contractors to determine the best fit for you. We’ve compiled a few essential questions you should ask contractors, including us, when you are ready to get a quote.

The Ideal Order For Your Kitchen Remodel

Rachel has experienced hundreds of kitchen remodels performed by experienced contractors as well as DIYers. The most common problem is always the steps are not completed in the Ideal Order. Rachel has put together a free PDF and video for you to help you get on the right path whether you are an expert or a beginner!