Here are some of the most popular questions we get regarding kitchen and bathroom cabinet refinishing and all of Restyle Junkie’s services. 

You are always welcome to call us first with questions at 623-580-5222. We’ll go over everything with you! So you can start with a call or go straight to the Get A Quote Link. This format will keep us organized and we’ll call you back within 1 business day. At this time we will be able to give you a ballpark so that you can decide if you’d like to move forward with an in-home consultation.

Once we receive your filled out Get A Quote form via our website, you’ll be receiving a phone call to discuss the ballpark price for your project free of charge. If the pricing sounds good to you and you’d like to continue with an in-home cabinet refinishing consultation, we’ll come out with samples and do a full project consultation. We do charge a $125 fee, however, we happily apply this fee towards your invoice when you book your project.
Once we have a signed quote and contract, we are happy to make 2 different samples on your cabinets. We will bring them back to your home so that you can make sure you love the color in your home before we get started. You can choose from one of our sample colors and pick any color in the world!
When we get started, we take everything that isn’t nailed down back to our temperature-controlled shop and work on the doors and drawers there. We will work on the frames and any trim work in your home.

We will reinstall cabinets, drill for hardware, if desired and leave your home with a magazine-worthy kitchen. We take photos and everyone celebrates! Then you tell all of your friends about us and leave a 5-star Google Review.

Absolutely! You can go with one of our colors on our samples that you’ll see in your home, or you can have Restyle Junkie color match to anything that makes you happy. Rachel’s own kitchen island is matched to a specialty bottle of Tequila! Another one of our favorite projects came from a color match to a client’s blue water bottle! There is not an extra fee for this option.
If you decide to move forward with us to refinish your cabinets, two samples per main area are included in our price, otherwise it’s one per area for smaller spaces like a primary bathroom.
That’s an easy one. Restyle can remove the current hinges, patch the holes and install new hinges on the back side of your cabinets that will not be seen until you open the cabinet. The greatest part of this is that the hinges are soft closing. Now you’ll have an updated style and quiet doors!
We get this question about updating honey oak doors and drawers. Usually, they are high quality doors, but the “stripyness” is overwhelming. While we do think it’s a good idea to fill them, we do initially hand paint them with several layers of primer and paint, lightly sanding in between. This is because oak cabinets love to suck up paint and we want to make sure to fill up the nooks and crannies. The last coat we put on is spayed for a gorgeous finish. You will see the grain a lot less, however, the only way to get the grain out is to put on brand new doors and drawers without as much grain. Maple for example would be a good choice.
Restyle Junkie has refinished many types of these cabinets. We will be able to fill the holes and sand them smooth. Nothing is every 100%, but we get pretty close. Again, another option would be to get new doors.
Yes, we source new cabinet doors and drawers locally. If your cabinets and drawers do not look like they are nearly touching, we can measure for new door and drawer fronts that are considered full overlay. This means that they will look like they are touching. This is absolutely in style.
This is one of our favorite things to do for our customers. We can do anything from wrapping your current kitchen island, drywall back side included, into a design that makes it feel different than the rest of the perimeter cabinets and more like a piece of furniture. If you are interested in adding on to your island or having new boxes attached we can help! While we don’t work with countertops, we can come once your counter has been removed, build new cabinet boxes and leave it in a way that your cabinet contractor can template your new island size. While we don’t handle anything having to do with electricity, this the perfect time to have your electrician add more outlets, as l lot of our cabinet refinishing customers like to have us make a beverage fridge look built in, a microwave and even drawers with charging stations inside.

Restyle Junkie, will create accent walls, modify kitchen islands, kitchen desks, bathroom cabinets and anything else that could benefit from custom trimwork. Sometimes our customers want to put a glass panel put into the center of a door for a different style, crown molding, floating shelves or even cabinets that go all of the way to the ceiling!

Other bells and whistles include built-in roll out trash and recycling bins, charging station drawers, creating a built in look for beverage and regular refrigerators, stair railings or even removing your kitchen desk and filling the space with storage that you will use! We are able to paint doors and refinish front doors as well. We do not strip and stain though.

Yes! During the cabinet consultation Restyle Junkie will be happy to answer your questions as to what is possible. With our trim work and carpentry skills, we are able to do a lot more than you think.
That depends on your project. New doors and drawers can take up to four weeks to arrive. However, we won’t be working in your home at this time. Typically when we take off your door and drawer faces to take back to the shop, Restyle Junkie usually completes your cabinet refinishing project in 7-10 business days. Basically, two weeks for jobs that we are not ordering any new doors and drawers. Usually, it is faster. It all depends on the scope of your project. We take everything back to our temperature controlled shop, so that we are at your home as little as possible, so as to not disrupt your daily life.
Restyle Junkie highly recommends hardware on refinished cabinets. Our client’s select and purchase their own hardware. If the holes match up, or there is not currently hardware on your existing cabinetry, easy peasy. Restyle Junkie will install at no extra charge. In some cases if the holes do not match up the new hardware, there may be a fee to patch the holes.
Your newly refinished cabinets may be a little sensitive for the first few weeks while everything fully hardens. Wipe up spills immediately with a soft cloth, perhaps damp with a little bit of water. You do not want chemicals on your cabinets. Our refinished cabinets have a factory finished coating and are extremely durable. Make sure to use the handles and pulls and watch out for long nails. Also, if you have chemicals on your hands, it’s going to transfer to your cabinets and react…think not dried hand sanitizer.
We do not, however, we are really proud of our roots, which used to include teaching DIY. As we have completed 9 years in business, we’ve felt it’s important to focus on professional cabinet refinishing, resurfacing and alway invest in new tools to give the best service to our customers.
Restyle Junkie Restyle Junkie Kitchen Remodel After Photo - Grey Cabinets and White Island
Restyle Junkie Light Blue Cabinet After Adding A Second Row
Restyle Junkie Kitchen Remodel After Photo - White Cabinets and Blue Island
Restyle Junkie
A white cabinet with a door that is open.

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