Easy Kitchen Updates Without Major Construction

The idea of updating our kitchens can make us think of  mess and expense of tearing everything out and starting over!  However,  I’m her to share with you some really easy updates without construction.  If you want to turn your current blah kitchen into a space with more personality, it’s only a few steps away. Budget Friendly Kitchen Updates without Construction from Restyle Junkie Both renters and owners alike can benefit from some of my budget friendly tips and tricks.  With a few easy changes, including some that are free, you can have an organized and fresh feeling kitchen quickly.  Let’s start with the least expensive way to update your kitchen first and other easy kitchen updates. Watch this segment on Your Life Arizona with Rachel Elise Trimble for even more details on updates without construction in your kitchen.

Updates that are Free

You know what’s so appealing about photos of kitchens in magazines?  They are 100% clutter free!  Updating your own kitchen starts with decluttering!  It’s incredible to see how much larger your kitchen will look once you clear off the counters. If you must have things like receipts, mail and keys and coffee pods within reach, keep these items stored together in an attractive basket or tray. Seagrass is definitely on trend, but before purchasing new storage items,  look around and see what you may already own.  You can always use spray paint to make your current basket and tray look better too!

Seasonal and Simple Ideas

Sometimes we are not in love with the color of our counter tops or cabinets. There are several things than can be done to work around this potentially costly issue and avoid construction.  The goal should be to help focus your attention on the style you can control with a minimal budget.  For example, consider purchasing new colorful place mats and replace tired rag like dish towels!  You can add new items from the Dollar store or even somewhere like the thrift store of T.J. Maxx.  On trend vibrant pops of color add so much character.  Switching out table clothes and hand towels seasonally are another way to update without construction and aren’t too expensive. Gone are the days of large and overbearing artificial plants. Switch to accenting your counters with small floral and greenery décor. It will  breath fresh energy into a tired kitchen and update it for this decade.  Adding small succulents, real or even artificial, and compact floral arrangements are fun too. Small overlooked accessories like colored measuring cups and serving spoons are helpful in adding your favorite colors to your kitchen.

DIY or Contractor Cabinet Painting

Painted Honey Oak Kitchen CabinetsOther things to consider for a significant kitchen update without major construction would be to paint your cabinets! Making your graham cracker colored honey oak cabinets magically go away will add style and value to your home.  Read more about deciding if you should hire a pro or tackle your cabinets DIY style. Also, adding hardware, crown molding and even trim work to a boring stretch of drywall on the back side of a kitchen island, all help a lot. Switching up the color of your cabinets and updating kitchen islands with a little bit of trim work and paint are better off for homeowners.  However, if you’re in a long term rental, you never know what your landlord might think unless you ask!

Peel and Stick Back Splashes

Adding a back splash makes a huge impact too.  If you are a renter, there are a lot of peel and stick options that are simple to install and just as easy to remove when your lease is up.! Just check out Roommates Decor and use the discount code Restyle20 to save off of your order.  They have so many fun options for your kitchen and beyond. You can definitely change the entire vibe of the hub of your home without having to tear everything out and start over! Easy kitchen update without construction are within reach. You can see more ideas or a quote for having your cabinets refinished in the Phoenix, Arizona area, by Restyle Junkie at www.restylejunkie.com   Stay up on what’s new on Restyle Junkie’s social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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