DIY vs Hiring a Contractor to Paint Your Cabinets

Honey Oak Cabinets DIY or Hire a Contractor to Paint

Should You DIY Or Hire A Pro To Paint Your Cabinets?

Refinished Bathroom Cabinets with Round Mirros

So, you’re debating between painting your own kitchen and bathroom cabinets DIY style or hiring a professional cabinet refinishing contractor?  There are important things to consider when making a decision that will ultimately have a huge financial impact on the value of your home.

Does it make sense to do it yourself or would it be better for you to hire a contractor to paint your cabinets?  Financially speaking, it’s definitely less expensive to DIY,  but here are three main things to factor into your choice of deciding to DIY or go the contractor route to paint cabinets.


  • TIME: On average, Restyle Junkie’s pro kitchen and bathroom cabinet painting jobs take between 40-60 hours to complete. Do you have this kind of free time on your hands realistically? If so, go for it!  Painting your own kitchen and bathroom cabinets is extremely satisfying.  However, if free time is not something you have a lot of at the moment; go to work, on vacation, run errands or whatever and we can do it for you with little impact to your schedule.


  • EXPERIENCE: Have you ever painted cabinets or even wood furniture before?  Would you hire a pro to paint your kitchen and bathroom cabinets that did not have experience?  Do you know how to prep everything the right way?  Also, would you know what to do if you had some stains showing up in your freshly painted white cabinets? If you don’t know, definitely consider downloading your free copy of The Confident DIY Painter.


  • SPACE: Do you enough room to work? It’s too hot in the summer heat to paint outside. It’s horrible for the paint as well. Will your small kids and pets stay away from your working area? If you’ve got a cool room with good ventilation then you’re set.  But, if you can’t imagine where you’d set up a work area, a better choice would be to have us take your doors and drawers back to our shop. We’ll take care of it.


Hopefully, these three key points will help you answer the DIY or contractor to paint cabinets dilemma. If you decide to take on painting your own cabinets be sure to check out the Top 10 Things Every DIY Cabinet Painter Needs to Know. Also, you can watch a short video of Rachel sharing some tips and tricks on  Good Morning Arizona.

Prefer to hire a licensed contractor to paint your cabinets instead?  If you’re in the Phoenix, Arizona area you can easily get a quote from Restyle Junkie.  Learn more about our Professional Cabinet Painting And Refinishing Services

Restyle Junkie is located in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to professionally transforming your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, we can teach you how to DIY your own cabinets instead of hiring a contractor.  Our hands on DIY classes or learn on line  tutorials have helped hundreds of people.

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