DIY Cabinet Painting with General Finishes Products

One of the greatest parts about DIY projects is the satisfaction you get from completing a project yourself. Whatever your starting point, be it a worn cabinet or brand new wood plank, you are not limited by creative restrictions and can do anything you want to make the project turn out exactly as you hoped. Or better.

DIY Cabinet Refinishing & Painting

If you are ready to take on DIY cabinet refinishing or want to add some character to your space with distressed wood, we’ve got the tools for you. As much as we enjoy doing it ourselves, we also thrive on seeing others find and hone their DIY passions.

For some customers, we do the whole project. For others, we can just add texture to new wood, sell it to you and deliver it so that you can create your own masterpiece. For the DIY-obsessed, order your General Finishes milk paint, gel stain, glaze or top coat and we’ll get out of the way.

For those looking to polish DIY skills, start with our videos on DIY cabinet refinishing, how to apply General Finishes milk paint and several tips and tricks to help master your craft. Our video tutorials show you exactly how we do it here at Restyle Junkie, including a full supply list.