DIY Cabinet Painting with General Finishes Products

One of the greatest parts about DIY projects is the satisfaction you get from completing a project yourself. Whatever your starting point, be it a worn cabinet or brand new wood plank, you are not limited by creative restrictions and can do anything you want to make the project turn out exactly as you hoped. Or better.

DIY Cabinet Refinishing & Painting

If you are ready to take on DIY cabinet refinishing or want to add some character to your space with distressed wood, we’ve got the tools for you. As much as we enjoy doing it ourselves, we also thrive on seeing others find and hone their DIY passions.

For some customers, we do the whole project. For others, we can just add texture to new wood, sell it to you and deliver it so that you can create your own masterpiece. For the DIY-obsessed, order your General Finishes milk paint, gel stain, glaze or top coat and we’ll get out of the way.

For those looking to polish DIY skills, start with our videos on DIY cabinet refinishing, how to apply General Finishes milk paint and several tips and tricks to help master your craft. Our video tutorials show you exactly how we do it here at Restyle Junkie, including a full supply list.

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How to Paint Cabinets

Common Mistakes DIY Painters Make

Have you ever worked diligently on a do-it-yourself project, only to be disappointed by the paint job in the end? It’s easier than you might think to make mistakes when painting cabinets, repainting furniture or putting the last coat on any DIY project, and you’re not alone. Short of seeking…

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Gray Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

How to Take Pictures of Your Cabinets to get a Professional Cabinet Painting Quote

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How to Use General Finishes Gel Stain to Touch Up Tired Cabinets

Got some shoddy looking cabinets in your house? Did you know you can DIY cabinet doors that have seen better days? Just use General Finishes gel stain. Cabinets get worn over time with normal use. And kids. And dogs. Well, you know, you live there. But don’t worry: with General…

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How to apply General Finishes gel stain - Java Gel vs Antique Walnut

How Many Coats of Antique Walnut General Finishes Gel Stain Do You Need?

This isn’t necessarily a full version of a General Finishes gel stain tutorial, but we’re going to answer one of our most frequent questions about one of our most popular gel stains: How many coats do you need to apply of General Finishes Antique Walnut gel stain? The “too long,…

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Coverage for Each Size of General Finishes Milk Paint

General Finishes Milk Paint Coverage by Can Size When buying paint for any project, we all want to get it right the first time. Buy too little and then you’ve got to drop everything and head back out to buy more. Buy too much and you spent extra money there…

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Learn to paint your cabinets

Is a DIY Cabinet Painting Class Right For You?

One of our most popular in-person cabinet painting classes teaches you absolutely everything (well, we start with the basics, but the basics of everything) about how to paint kitchen cabinets. When you sign up for our DIY cabinet painting class, you’ve already completed one of the two things you need…

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Java Gel vs Antique Walnut Gel Stain

Java Gel Stain vs. Antique Walnut Gel Stain – Choosing the Right General Finishes Gel Stain

It’s a popular choice to restyle light cabinets and furniture into darker statement pieces. If you own pickled pink oak, honey colored maple and golden oak cabinets, those are some of the many of the colors that are now going to the dark side. One easy way to achieve a…

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Painting kitchen cabinets

Need Help Choosing? Snow White vs. Antique White Milk Paint

Choosing the Right White White is a fantastic way to breathe new life into a dark, sad kitchen or bathroom. But, you need to choose the correct white milk paint that is right for your space. We’ve all seen the “whites” section at a paint store with a ton of…

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Before and after antique white milk paint

How to Choose Cabinet Painting Contractors

When searching for a cabinet-painting service for your kitchen or bathroom, you’ll probably want to get two or three quotes from different contractors to determine the best fit for you. Is it all about price, though? Probably not. Okay, definitely not. Yes, you’re going to want a contractor who can…

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How to apply general finishes wood stain

Making New Wood Look Really Old

I love a challenge, and one of my favorite creative projects is making brand new wood look old and rustic. Yes, you can buy distressed wood, and there are a lot of reasons to do so (I love real distressed wood, too). But sometimes, it makes more sense to achieve…

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