DIY Leather and Vinyl Stain

Whether your genuine leather furniture is just very tired or is simply the wrong color, it’s easy enough to change.  I promise, changing the color of your leather is an easy DIY project simple enough for anyone to take on. The steps are to first clean your leather with denatured alcohol and a rag.  If your leather is dirtier than you expected or older, you may need to put in a little more elbow grease.  If denatured alcohol and a rag don’t seem to be enough, than light scrub with a scotch brite pad or even gently sand with 220. You’ll want to have a few sponges on hand and a squirt bottle with water.  Start layering your color(s) on until you like what you see. Each coat will dry quickly.  When you are happy, I like to mix some color with the sealer and apply about two coats so it’s not too shiney.
Before and After Leather Sofa
Before during and after restoring my leaher sofa with Rub N Restore
Leather and Vinyl Refinishing Before and After done with Rub N Restore
Before and after vinyl stool and chair with slate from Rub n Restore.
Leather Color Stain
The best leather color stain! Slate has been seen in our projects, but there are many colors to pick from. Restore or refinish vinyl and leather with this easy to use DIY product.  To learn more click here

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