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Getting Started: A DIY Guide to Creative Business

How did I pick business name?  Where did I get my logo created?  Did I make my own website? How did I know what licenses I needed to start my cabinet refinishing business?

Ultimately, within 15 minutes at a party, this is what I hear!  Because I paint cabinets, I assume people want to ask me more questions about their kitchens. This is not the always the case.  Surprisingly,  people ask for details on how I started my creative business, Restyle Junkie.

Creatives, with even a tiny bit of entrepreneurial drive, are always thinking about these things if they want to start their own creative business, the DIY way. It’s part of the process. Figuring out how to set up as inexpensively as possible puts most potential creative entrepreneurs on edge. It can most certainly feel overwhelming.  This is especially true because most of us would rather work with our hands than jump into the unfamiliar territory of getting a business going. 

So, back to the party scenario.  It is apparently way more interesting to pick the brain of a successful entrepreneur than asking why anyone could be passionate about watching paint dry! Talk about a “light bulb” moment. Now, I can help a lot of people without having to talk about how I started Restyle Junkie at social gatherings. 

Scared To Take The Next Steps

Do you currently have a successful side hustle, or even just a potentially profitable hobby?  Perhaps you are in my old situation?   I was in transition, on the injured reserve bench after reconstructive ankle surgery, miserably unemployed, essentially immobile, passionate about my hobbies and an unwavering conviction of not wanting to go back to a traditional 9-5 when healed? 

While everyone has a set of unique circumstances, the fears and unknowns are all quite similar.  No matter where you are in life, I know that the fear alone of all the paperwork can keep you from turning it into your full time income generating gig. I get it and that’s why I have a solution for you.

Help Is Here

I combined my love for all things DIY and the knowledge of how to help busy entrepreneurs get their business set up.  Using my knowledge from creating Restyle Junkie and beyond, I created and easy to follow e-course to guide you DIY style into developing the creative business of your dreams.  It’s informative, but simple. It’s broke up into bite size pieces.  You can literally watch the series of short videos in 10 minute increments!

Watch the first three modules for free.

I have been there and I know what it’s like to be easily distracted, frustrated with the overwhelm, a limited budget and desire to leave the awful 9-5 grind behind.

Let’s Do This

Reach your goals faster with help! I  offer step by step directions with topics that are taught in a systematic order.  (Remember, the modules are short, digestible and come with worksheets to help keep you organized.)  Streamline the process, save yourself buckets of money, stay on track and empower yourself to create your dream job, DIY style.

My approach is no nonsense, but I keep it light.  The course isn’t filled with gut busting jokes, however, it is highly informative and offers tons of  value. The format is casual and designed to keep you from getting bored and falling asleep trying to learn

Because of my expertise starting Restyle Junkie, I can help you get your creative business idea off of your buckets list with my DIY guide. Just imagine an easy solution to knocking out the stressful stuff that keeps you up at night!  It CAN be easy to take the next steps to get up and running.  Lastly, of course, there are bonuses offered that will save you even more money and catapult your company’s growth!

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