We’ve mastered the art of making new wood look really, really old, giving you more creative control when adding this style to your home. Using new wood means it’s clean (no spiders), there’s always more and it’s easier to work with than reclaimed wood.

There are countless ways to use distressed wood in your living space. You can add an accent wall, fireplace mantle, window cornice or create furniture that looks interesting, but is still safe to use.

You can purchase our distressed wood, which has the look of weathered, salvaged, reclaimed barn wood, 3 different ways:

  1. Completely done – tell us how you want it to look and go home with the finished product ready to use. If you can dream up the color scheme, we can pretty much make it come true.
  2. Just textured – we sell you wood that’s been through our fancy ripper machine to give it that desired texture. You take it home and stain it the color you want.
  3. BYOW – that’s Bring Your Own Wood for those new to the scene. Bring us wood you have purchased and we can just texture it, or texture and finish it.

Distressed Wood Price List

Distressed Wood Price List

We sell the wood by the plank. Our price sheet has standard sizes, but if you need a different length or width, let us know and we’ll see if we can get it.  Since we aren’t a carpenter shop, we do not cut custom sizes. We’re good with paint brushes, not saws.

Our distressed wood is priced by the linear foot. Are you working on a specific project or trying to cover a certain area? Bring in the dimensions of the space or project and we are happy to help calculate how many linear feet you need.

If you want us to texture wood you’ve purchased, it is important to note that we can only run softer woods through the machine to get the best result. We typically use Pine or Douglas Fir. Wood must be even and less than 22″ wide. We texture wood you provide at a price of $1/linear foot with a minimum job of $20.

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