When searching for a cabinet painting service for your kitchen or bathroom, you’ll probably want to get two or three quotes from different contractors to determine the best fit for you.

Is it all about price, though? Probably not. Okay, definitely not. Yes, you’re going to want a contractor who can accomplish your goals within your budget, but you also want a contractor you can trust to do the best job possible. You want to love the results, and that means choosing the right company.

We’ve compiled a few essential questions you should  ask to ensure you choose the best cabinet refinishing contractor, including us, when you are ready to get a quote.

How many kitchens have you done?

This question gets right to the experience level of the contractor. The more they’ve done, the more experience they have and the more they’ve seen. Experience usually coincides with efficiency and quality. When it comes to kitchen cabinet repainting, you want someone who can do a superb job within your desired time frame, that actually specializes in painting cabinets.

May I talk to some references?

Just like vetting a potential employee prior to offering a job, you are entitled to talk to people who will vouch for your contractor. Most will be happy (and fast) to give you a list of references.

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

This may not be important to all customers, but to many, it’s extremely important, and you should definitely ask. In case you’re wondering, yes, Restyle Junkie is licensed, bonded and insured and is a member of the AZROC.

May I see a showroom or samples?

While we no longer have our physical showroom, we bring the cabinet samples to you.  It is really helpful to see the color in with your lighting.

All contractors, whether they have a showroom or not, should have samples available for you to see. Looking at a cabinet-painting contractor’s finished work tells you a lot about what their capabilities are and whether they fit with your goals.


How do you seal paint?

This is important as it speaks directly to the durability of your refinished cabinets. Some contractors use self-sealing paint and some (like us) use at least three layers of high-performance top coat for maximum durability. There are also wax sealers, but I’m typically not a fan of them as they are not as durable and will need to be redone in a few years.

Looking for a Quote from Restyle Junkie?

Getting a quote from us is easy.

  1. Send us pictures of your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever your cabinets are.
  2. Tell us how many total doors and drawers you have, even if they don’t open.
  3. Tell us how you think you want the cabinets finished.

Request your quote here.

5 Responses

  1. It was helpful when you said that you should find one who can supply references. I’m wanting to get my cabinets painted a different color. Thank you for the tips on how to choose cabinet painting services!

  2. It was helpful when you mentioned that you should choose a cabinet contractor who is insured. My wife and I have been talking about remodeling our kitchen, and we would want to start with the cabinets. When we look for a contractor to help us, I will be sure to check their insurance status.

  3. I hadn’t thought about asking a cabinet contractor if they could show examples of their work. It sounds like a great way to know that we are hiring a contractor who has a high quality of work. My wife and I are hoping to find a contractor to help us get new cabinets that will look amazing with our new counter-tops. To help us choose one who has a good work quality, I will make sure that we get samples beforehand.

  4. I think that one of the best ways to check the quality of a contractor will be to check their previous work, so I appreciate the tip that you gave to check examples of their work before we would hire them. My wife and I have been talking about finding a contractor to help us refinish our kitchen cabinets, so they could look great when we remodel. To be sure that they will be the right hiring option, I will check their previous works.

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