Amazing DIY Tricks For Thanksgiving

$2 DIY serving dish

Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Decor

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to set a beautiful holiday table.  In fact there are a lot of easy ways to decorate DIY style with items from the dollar store and from items already around your home.

DIY serving dish by Restyle JunkieWith a little bit of glue, spray paint and just $2, you can make custom candle holders for your Thanksgiving table.  If you’re worried that you don’t have amazing things to serve your delicious dishes on,  that is easy to fix too.  All you need to do is take a trip to the dollar store!  There you can find a plastic bowl and candle holder.  Using some of the same glue and spray paint, you’ll be able make a beautiful and functional serving dish to wow your guests.

I was recently featured on Your Life Arizona sharing many more ideas on how to set your Thanksgiving table.  To watch the entire 4 minute clip, click below.  You’ll be able to see all of these ideas come to life!

Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Table Decor by Restyle Junkie

$2 DIY serving dish


Not everything on your table will require a purchase, even if it’s only a dollar.  To make my DIY wine chiller, I simply cut a large hole in the top of a Halloween pumpkin and used left over spray paint.  Fill with ice, drop in a bottle of wine and you have a practical and stylish addition to your Thanksgiving Day!

DIY Pumpkin Wine Chiller
DIY Dollar Store Candle SticksYou’ll find more clever inexpensive ideas on setting the kids table to making pretty place cards, to layering your tablecloth for only $4 if you watch my tv segment. Whether you are a Thanksgiving host novice or a pro, you’ll be inspired by amazing tips and tricks for this season. Don’t break the bank in order to set a charming holiday table that your guests will be sure to remember!

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